Thrilling may not be the correct word — Come on. Being in front of the computer, typing, for hours in the wee small hours is not action-movie stuffs. It suits the horror-style better — but setting up has been an adventure. It has been quite a journey involving late night coffees, some soul searching and, not withstanding, sweat and tears.

First and foremost, of course, I have to give this site a reason to exist. The initial trigger was the need to host and run certain server-side scripts independently for an experiment. But when the experiment is over, what to do with this?! While still trying to find better reasons, in the mean time, I’ll stick with the excuse that there is no reason for this website to not exist.

Second, of course, is setting up the site. That includes getting the domain name and hosting space. Peachy.

Next is getting the right face for this space. And, oh, the agony of choice! Various CMSs, frameworks and softwares wrecked havoc. For days I have been installing and uninstalling stuffs I know not what.

This is like going into a coffee shop and being overwhelmed by the choices on the menu. But I need to pick something, one thing. Whenever I have no clue on the variety of offerings, I always pick something I am familiar with, cappuccino. It rarely wanders far from the general taste. If it does, that coffee shop should be held accountable for committing blasphemy.

So, I chose wordpress. But, even though I have installed wordpress on various machines many times before, still I encountered trial and error during installation. I needed to get the right themes, plugins and what-not. Not being able to do the installation in console mode — it is possible. I am just too lazy to contact the support team to get my password reset — gave lack of control of the technical side. That had been quite frustrating. That was when I needed real coffees.

Finally, it’s up and running. Considering the journey through, this calls for celebration — again, coffee — and a nice inauguration speech — this post will do.

Welcome into existence, The Hush Projects!