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Year: 2015

Dennis Bergkamp’s "Stillness And Speed: My Story" (Simon and Schuster, 2013)

Elegance. Perfection. Control. Intelligence. Those words, time and again, come up whenever Dennis Bergkamp is discussed. When he scored a goal or passed balls that led to goals, questions arose. How did he do it? Did he mean it? He made them look easy when they were a combination of skills and techniques, precision, calculation, and calm. “Stillness and Speed: My Story” offers insight into the life and mind of one of the best footballers the world ever has.

Books, How Art Thou?

This is going to be an (almost) honest attempt to pinpoint why my reading intensity and frequency are faltering.

Traffic — Fit & Proper Test, Patience & Perseverance Measurement Tool for Potential Public Office Holders

As expected. Come weekend, I always want to complain about traffic.

Preparing My Own 'A Post A Day' Challenge: Issues, Strategies, and Action Plan

When AMOS hit the 100th post, I actually planned a “celebration” by writing one post a day for 100 days. A lofty goal, I know. But, still. Why not challenge myself? I’ve got nothing to lose, except time.

Stripping the power of PowerPoint

Anti PowerPoint Party

I learned about it when it was referenced in a comedy panel show on radio. It may sound silly a...

Google Translate and “Slaughtering Cows”

The Cool Kid asked, “what is ‘slaughtering cows on Ied Al Adha day’ in Japanese?”

I told him to ask Google. He came back with a remark, “it translates ‘slaughter’ funny…” So I asked a friend who lives in Japan for the term.

‘Lo and behold! she responded with an (almost) essay about the phrase.

Surviving Another Sunday

So this was Sunday, full of things to do while I had been barely surviving after pulling almost two all-nighters and missing sleep dearly…

Siete, the contingency plan when others fail


The Siete Café has been closed at the end of 2017. Over time, some friends and I have developed specifications…

Why Radio Still Matters

Internet Radio Is Fixing to Make a Comeback

[Mark Mulligan, co-founder of music industry-focused MIDiA Research] points out that one reason f...

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