I have been experimenting with chocolates of various forms, brands, and instructions, just to get a nice cup of hot chocolate that is uniquely mine. The idea was to get the right texture, thickness and flavour as I had been dismayed by hot chocolate offerings on recent visits to a number of cafes. I have also been trying to recover the hot chocolate that I remember from childhood, and the comfort it had given me.

It started off with a simple intention that developed into a rather ridiculous scale. The fridge is now filled with boxes of milk of different brands, chocolate bars and chips. The kitchen utensils that play parts in the process also grow. The one thing I still resist getting is the scale as I try to refine my senses and judgment in measuring ingredients by heart. So far, it has been fine but bad chocolate days do happen once in a while.

Although most of the time, I wonder to myself if it makes the difference, there are surprising discoveries. Taste seems to shift a little when I change the order of things, and so on. During these experiments, I found timing matters the most. The hot chocolate I drank after a tiring day at work tasted way better than one after a nice meal. It’s a matter of state of mind, I think.

I have bagged a couple of hot chocolate recipes I like. But for the time being, I would experiment some more.

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” Chocolat