New month. It happens. “What’s the big deal,” you say?

Apparently, yours truly wishes to do more publishing in this blog, instead of just drafting.

“So what’s the problem,” you ask?

That is the question. After some thinking, soul searching, and chocolate drinking, I would say the number one hurdle is self-consciousness because some of things I would like to write about may tarnish my “image”.

“Oh, my left foot!”

I know. As if I actually have an “image” to maintain. But there are couple of things that need managing here, I would say.

The Screening Diet

Lately, I have been back to watching Korean dramas. Yup, long live escapism! It was not much that in the last couple of months I managed to see Tomorrow Cantabile, Misaeng, Healer, currently watching Kill Me, Heal Me and there are a lot that I want to say about them. Here’s the dilemma: should I post them here or somewhere else? If I posted here and got “unexpected” traffic — judging from experience, those kdrama-related posts I posted in amos garnered more traffic — and I cannot post constantly on that subject, this would disappoint the visitors.

With that in mind, I decided to get separate space. Last night, I signed up for another blog, “The Screening Owl” at wordpress, and created “Owl’s Screening Diet” as subdomain here. After another mulling, thinking, and what-not — the deciding factor is that I can do what I want with the theme choices — I decided to keep the subdomain and post there.

The Mundane

I have wanted this as a pot for everything else that doesn’t fit at amos: the mundane. I need to brush up my writing and presenting the mundane into something enjoyable should help me hone those skills. We’ll see if I can keep those vision.

March away then…