I am still trying to put things together at Owl’s. At the moment, I am customizing a nice theme Fukasawa by Anders Noren. If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit of a fan of Mr Noren’s themes. Most of my wordpress-powered blogs use his. He makes clean and elegant themes. I ruin them. One of those is his “Garfunkel” here and, I think I am well on my way to ruin another at Owl’s.

Owl's Screening Diet Look

Owl’s Screening Diet Look

One of the challenges is to be able to have image from external sources displayed as featured image of a post. I could not eat up my hosting plan’s storage quota by storing large images. I am experimenting with third party storage services like Photobucket. So far, I manage to include a list of images as featured image that is presented as sliding images, with the use of post meta/custom field keys-values.

Custom Field's Key-Value Pair

Custom Field’s Key-Value Pair

Sliding images  for standard post's featured media, from external sources

Sliding images for standard post’s featured media, from external sources

There are already plugins that accomplish such feat but I still haven’t found the one that is able to adjust nicely with the theme. So I dabble a little. Maybe I will implement similar feature here. For content, well, I figure my current “obsessions” should lend a hand. Although the usual blogging block strikes that I don’t think the posts are ready yet for public release.

Anyway. I am planning to create a plugin that takes external image for featured image IF (a VERY BIG if) I have got time to do it.