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Month: April 2015

A very brief walk through “Kulturasun” (Festival of Nations 2015)

I actually had been of two minds about it. The event started at noon. Since I would have to go at three pm, there would only be two and a half hour window to roam about. With promise of food and performances, the time only allowed for little to savour.

Media and Elections

I am not into politics that much, national or international, but I find elections everywhere interesting, especially regarding the use of media in “persuading” voters —image projection or management, manifesto communication, jargon, discourses in the media— to pick a choice over another. So I have been reading articles related to the upcoming election in Great Britain.

Updating Android Phonegap Hybrid App from Apache Cordova 2.5 to Apache Cordova 3.7.1

I know. The nightmare. But when it must be done, then it must be done.

The One Pen to Rule Them All

This is because of a junior brought a gel pen with very fine point to the studio that I begin looking at these pens in different light. Her pen made writing on glossy and slick papers enjoyable and addictive. It made my handwriting look more desirable and readable, that reading what I had written with it was also satisfying. So I took note of the make and made note to look for another one as soon as possible.

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