I am not into politics that much, national or international, but I find elections everywhere interesting, especially regarding the use of media in “persuading” voters —image projection or management, manifesto communication, jargon, discourses in the media— to pick a choice over another. So I have been reading articles related to the upcoming election in Great Britain.

It’s been quite entertaining so far. But it gets even more so since I read the article in The Guardian website about British Tory’s chairman, Grant Shapps, or someone acting on his behalf, editing a number of Wikipedia pages. I have been having fun reading Mr Shapps’s Wikipedia page and comparing the edits made that to this date are still quite rampant and hilarious.

For example, a user called Intellectualgoldfish at 21:25, 23 April 2015 added “facts”that “… In 2012 after an extensive and heated discussions between Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker Grant Shapps was granted jedi status and later nominated head of the jedi religion but was later expelled for editing Yoda’s wikipedia page to make himself look better…”. This was later undone by user Dtellett.

The merriment also includes the hashtag #WikiShappsFacts on Twitter.

This whole thing got me thinking about things that would be put on my Wikipedia page should I get my own… Hmm… Or should I?