Just a couple of things…

Name that tune!

I’ve been haunted by a tune, call it X, a slice of an intrumental piece that I heard years ago, because I do not know the name and the performer of the piece.

“Try TrackID™, or Shazam, or Soundhound, or those music recognition app,” you say.

Well. That’s the problem.

The only available piece is a 30 second strip of an ad spot in which the piece serves as background music. TrackID and Shazam have failed. I can hum it. But, since those apps cannot understand my humming Bob James’s “Westchester Lady” — the hook, the bass line, you name it, the apps return confusing results — I don’t think those apps would understand my humming the X piece.

Black is black

When a black handphone, wrapped in black case, tucked in a compartment in a black backpack of which inside lining was covered with black cloth, was out of juice and I’ve forgotten it was in such predicament, it would be like a sleeping black ant on a black rock under the thickest darkest blanket of the night sky.

Without the all-seeing ability, what to do but panic?

Yes, I’ve got it back, thank goodness. But I need to stop getting everything in black.