what happened?

Imagine the surprise when I’ve got email saying that an apple ID (allegedly mine), using my email address, has been used to access iCloud, FaceTime, and iMessage, on a device which I neither know nor have. That set me up for a drama.

Notification on access to iCloud

Various thoughts came, and the number one was that someone had hacked my email account. I checked and double checked the email and found all was well, no breach whatsoever. This prompted me to set on the two-step authentication mechanism.

The second step was to gain control over said apple ID by changing its password. I also gained its iCloud access. I tried to locate the iphone but it was offline. In the haste, I set the iPhone to erase data the moment it went online with a message: “you are using my email without permission!”

Moments later, I received the notification that the erase procedure had been performed. Then it dawned on me that I might have over-reacted. That perhaps, it had been a simple misunderstanding. Someone may have incorrectly entered an apple ID. It was supposed to be xxx@someothermail.com but the person, in a haste like I had been, entered “xxx@somemail.com”.

Hmm… then this erase procedure might have cost him or her precious data.

Erasing the phone data and setting…

I haven’t disconnected the iphone from the iCloud account, which means the iphone cannot use another apple ID except the one of which I have gained control. Part of me wished the person would initiate contact, since she or he knows my email, to explain what had happened for I am very curious.