This time, it is some musings on the nature of a certain group conversation and the rise of expenses on food in Ramadhan. Very random, I know.

The Conversation

The conversation

It’s a group of fellow radio presenters and ex-presenters. So we love to talk, of course. But it’s not that we adore our voices, though it might look like so, that we prefer literally talking. It’s because of practical reasons. It’s easier to press the microphone button and then talk than type letters, which are crammed on the screen keyboard and deal with its ruthless auto-correction feature, if I’d forgotten to disable it. Considering the activities we have to do — tending to babies; doing house chores; writing a thesis — while we are conversing, talking and then listening to the audio file prove easier.

This gets complicated when at one time suddenly I saw 40+ audio messages I’ve missed. I needed to catch up. At these moments I wished the app had a play button to play those audio files, a la playlist, without me pressing each one of them individually.

Fast-breaking Sessions

This may sound pathetic, but so far, in the third day of Ramadhan, I have got two invitations of fast-breaking sessions and I’ve declined to attend.

The official excuse is that the designated dates clash with other events or deadlines I have to meet, which is true by the way. But the real reason is that I could not afford the extravagant setting. This lifestyle, which makes bills for food go up in Ramadhan when it should have gone down, should have raised questions about the quality of my self-control — in spending on extravagance as one follows one’s heart desires — especially in this holy month. Although I may revisit the decisions on venue changes and simpler arrangements.

I better spend the money on something better.