There were some interesting stuff and thoughts I encountered this weekend. The CIWS had gone halfway and there had been assignments. The upcoming Independence Day commemoration, as well as the national day-off, had me panicked for I feared the traffic would get worst. There is also the issue of composing the 99th post for AMOS. And, the sudden decision to give minor — hopefully it gives big impact — change to this blog’s theme.

“Do a 10 minute free-writing everyday. Write anything!”

That line had been spoken by two different speakers in two different CIWS sessions. That must be working in dispelling writer’s block, I thought. So I’ve been trying to do this 10 minute-free writing in the morning.

The results have been interesting. There were dribbles on dreams in sleep, remembered and not (such as last night); the rhythm of the hammering sounds from a construction nearby; and the growing stack of empty cups that I failed to take downstairs for washing. At times, I was stuck in writing down phrases, some recurrent, that I realised I’d been fixated on them: blue sky, rain, and a transparent umbrella.

The exercise did make me wordier in writing. But I got worried as these writings did not finish properly. Although another speaker in one of CIWS sessions mentioned leaving your writing before full-stop so when you get back to it, you’d be ticked to continue.

Let’s see.

When you are worrying about weekend traffic for nothing

The national holiday, observing the Independence Day, prolonged this weekend to Monday. As with previous long weekend, the city would be flooded with visitors and their cars. This meant the weekend traffic would be hellish.

Last weekend, when it had not even been a long weekend, I had spent almost an hour at a junction with dysfunctioning traffic lights. I had been terribly late to do weekend on-air session.

It turned out, on saturday, that I had been worrying too much about traffic. The dreaded jam and discomfort did not materialise. It was indeed more crowded, but I spent reasonable time to get to the studio and got there earlier than usual. Interesting. A case of better traffic engineering? Or did people chose to stay home for the long weekend? Or since the national holiday is not really a holiday — students still have to observe the Independence ceremonial commemoration at some schools and so do people at public services — better save energy for the d-day? Whatever it was, it saved yesterday’s traffic experience.

Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the long weekend.

AMOS‘s 99th post

At the moment, the dashboard says there have been 98 published posts *pat myself on the back*. The next one is going to be the 99th and I have been mulling about it.

The Independence day sort of begs serious addressing. However, I don’t want it as the 99th post. But if I stalled the 99th post, I would lose the momentum.

What a dilemma! And challenge! as I now set a challenge to do two posts to be published before 18 August.

Or, I might just put the Independence day post here. Case solved and closed.

Typographical Changes

Hah! I thought I’d rest the theme for a while, but somehow I could not stay away from tinkering with it.

I changed the font for the post content, from a serif to sans-serif variety. I wanted something light and clean so I chose Roboto light to replace Merriweather. The Merriweather font is still present in link and quote type posts, although I am thinking of removing the font completely. I add an accent font, La Belle Aurore, just so the blog title area had a little bit of life to it. For the rest of the body, I use the clean Quicksand font that looks terrific for smaller prints.

This changes brought complication of course. Now there are four fonts, and their different weight numbers and styles, called from Google Fonts. It may slow down the loading time. So I suppose, I may still continue tinkering for a while.