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Surviving Another Sunday

If you have got only less-than-an-hour sleep in 30+ hours, you have got a crash coming, no doubt about it. I just needed to do whatever it was that needed doing and finish it before the crash was coming. So was this Sunday, full of things to do while I had been barely surviving after pulling almost two all-nighters and missing sleep dearly.

I had planned to have sleep on the day until it was time for afternoon on-air session. But, as always, planning a Sunday was futile. I have got a wedding invitation to attend and weekend traffic to anticipate.

Wide Awake and haunted by “timeline”

It had been a restless and sleepless night. So I decided to do something. “Haven’t posted anything anywhere for sometime so, why not do so!” I thought. Then the idea struck. Why not write a plugin for a timeline-styled entry!

Wandered around the internet for inspiration, basically just hit google with the query: “timeline css” and found a number of interesting tutorial.

Vertical Timeline at codyhouse.co came up on top of the search result. This is based on that work, sans the javascript sprites. I would think about this further to maybe develop a plugin.. maybe after a I have got a nice deep sleep some time next month or year…

Another one was Vertical Timeline from Codrops at Tympanus. In general, this is the site I go to for inspiration or things (css and javascript goodies) to borrow.

Before dawn…

… planning a plan!

I should coordinate with Miss E, a friend who would also attend the wedding. We have planned to get a wedding present at a sunday marketplace, Gasibu.

It would have been crowded, of course. But, We had prepared ourselves for that! Let’s go!


Gift Shopping!

Picked up Miss E and went to Gasibu. There was a bit of confusion on parking. The allotted time demanded careful and strategic parking, if we were to roam the place and search for the gift efficiently. Decided to park in front of a university building, although it meant further walk to the gate.

Went to the first booth that was selling the item we wanted. It was fair priced and well made. BUT shouldn’t we search for a better offer? It had only been one site. Surely there were tens others, I supposed.

No. It turned out there were barely a couple others and the goods were of inferior quality. We went back to that first booth and sealed the deal after almost two hours walking around the site…

07:35 – 09.35

A short break and a treat…

Gift was set, just waiting to be wrapped and we got a little bit peckish. There was a stall selling Cincau with Coconut Ice Cream on the way out of the marketplace.

Found a place to sit at a nearby park and ended up spending time watching some kids playing and practising football.

As the kids were running around and kicking the ball, trying to score goals, I recalled similar training, for field hockey and softball, that I had gone through at school.

Happy times…

09:40 – 10.40

Preparing for the Invitation

Some gift wrapping and congratulatory card writing. Home made stuff. All the better!

Although I realised my handwriting was getting worse…


Minor Breakdown #1

Planned to actually pick up Miss E at 12.15. But the relaxing hot bath had me sunk into a slumber for about 20-ish minutes. Duh! I was late! This would push the plan to a dangerous time frame if I did not want to be late for afternoon on-air session. Thus, I decided to just go straight to the studio after attending the wedding…

Which means preparing extra clothing.

12:30 – 13:30

The Invitation

!@#X! traffic!

The address was clear but the scene was not. The houses and buildings were numbered weirdly and haphazardly. The only consolation and clue were that there was going to be a mark, the typical yellow installation that bore the names of the bride and groom.

We finally made it to said address after passing through three different wedding reception marks.

Panicking… as I thought I got the name of the groom wrong on the card. Oh well…

13:30 – 14:50

Three cups of coffee…

Actually, got one hot coffee to drink at the cafe, and two for takeaways…

Hellish traffic, as usual. Although the cloudy sky offered cool air at times…

15:00 – 15:40

On Air Session 1: A Space to Breathe and Time to Ponder

And more coffee to drink…

Bit own tongue a number of times while speaking and the voice slowly vanished over time…

16:00 – 18:59

On Air Session 2: The most interesting Grand Prix F1 this season so far…

Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Massa, Alonso, and Button pulling out of the race; safety car making appearance three times ; and a fan walking on the race track… Singapore GP turned out to be interesting after all. Exciting stuffs.

Since I was trapped in an almost faraday cage, what little information from the guardian live coverage really spiced up the night.

19:00 – 20:59

And on the way home…

$#@%! those {insert-local-football-club-name} supporters! Almost got run over by a mob of motorcyclists that were parading after a match. Did {insert-local-football-club-name} win?

Don’t know and don’t care!

21:00 – 21:30

Logging Out and Shutting down…

Preparing this post. Just the gist, though, as I could no longer think…

Worried about the mobile part of this “timeline” post… but “later, girl!” I told myself. The sight of the bed had never been so tempting…

One last glass of water and I was gone for the night…

21:30 – 22:30

And there endeth another Sunday.


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