I read somewhere that I should not worship mood in this writing business. Yet, once again, I blamed the non-existence of posts in March and April on mood. Of course. No posts means self-berating and hopefully forcing me to write more. Although, I’d like to think that it wasn’t because of lack of interests to write, it’s the lack of will to finish the drafts.

Anyway, what’s been happening actually…

Again, in group

Hah! Looking back, I wonder what I was thinking at that time, giving an idea of group blogging to fellow KA. Because now, I will need to write on another blog, “Little Life Projects”.

So far, it’s been a case of a history repeating itself: no one writes on the new blog, including yours truly. I want to laugh now. Really! What was I thinking!

The Increasingly Annoying Insurance Telemarketing Calls

I thought I was going to be the last person to whom anyone would ever offer an insurance. But, this is telemarketing. My existence had been reduced to a mere phone number on the other end that they thought it was okay to bombard me with calls day in day out regardless my declining their offers. They don’t have to face my disapproving stares and my apparent distaste for their approach.

In email system, I’ve got to flag an email as spam or junk. How can I get similar function in this telemarketing system? So far, I’d simply put certain numbers in a reject list. Yet, when I need to change phone, I need to build reject list from scratch.

I need to find out if there’s an app that would carry such reject list on to whatever device my number is installed. Someone must have encountered similar problem and developed a solution.


Coffee and Cookies

Plain Unsweetened Coffee and Cookies

I developed a new habit in the mornings: drinking hot plain coffee, accompanied by bites of cookies. These cookies — the favourite so far is a sort of sweet oat crackers/cookies — can be eaten by dipping them into the coffee first or before sipping the coffee and mix them in the mouth. Either way, there’s a crumbling sensation that I enjoy from this process.

The “ritual”, I think, comes from an effort to cut down sugar consumption. The sweet taste of the cookies would balance the bitterness of plain coffee. But then comes another thought: surely the sugar level from these cookies poses another sugar-related concern.

Oh, well. I’ll let myself bask in this habit for a little while before tackling those concern.