“We were clever enough to turn a laundry list into poetry.” Foucault’s Pendulum, Umberto Eco

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Err… “hsnlhsnh” is actually my name with the vowels removed. I really like it since it is a “prayer”, a hope my parents have pinned on me — whether I’ve lived up to such hope is open to question. But liking it had not always been the case.

Once upon a time when I did not know better, a teacher remarked that “you have got a funny name.” I took it to Dad, demanded him to change my name to something beautiful. Irine. He laughed it off and explained my name.

I used to get ridiculed teased because of the name, that it was just repetition. The structure of the name, which makes H the first, the middlemost, and the last letter, and the lack of certain vowel made it sound too austere and sober, too architectural (I was just rolling my eyes at this point of name analysis).

Can you guess?

The plan on blogging plan

This blog is set up as a place to do experiments, mostly on wordpress themes and services. It’s also highly probable that this blog will vanish one day. So, I’ve got no definite concept or plan.

Or do you have an idea on what I should blog?

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