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Media and Elections

I am not into politics that much, national or international, but I find elections everywhere interesting, especially regarding the use of media in “persuading” voters —image projection or management, manifesto communication, jargon, discourses in the media— to pick a choice over another. So I have been reading articles related to the upcoming election in Great Britain.

Updating Android Phonegap Hybrid App from Apache Cordova 2.5 to Apache Cordova 3.7.1

I know. The nightmare. But when it must be done, then it must be done.

The One Pen to Rule Them All

This is because of a junior brought a gel pen with very fine point to the studio that I begin looking at these pens in different light. Her pen made writing on glossy and slick papers enjoyable and addictive. It made my handwriting look more desirable and readable, that reading what I had written with it was also satisfying. So I took note of the make and made note to look for another one as soon as possible.

Sang Musafir: Novel Perjalanan Spiritual Ibn Al ‘Arabi (Mizan, 2015)

Ini adalah buku pertama yang saya beli di tahun 2015. Saat menghabiskan waktu di Togamas Bandung, saya mengamati beragam buku baru yang ada di bagian best sellers. Di antara buku-buku tentang travelling atau jalan-jalan ke luar negeri tampaklah buku ini yang menyematkan kutipan pengantar oleh Dr. Haidar Bagir, … melancong ke dalam batin terdalam manusia, batin Sang Musafir, batin kita semua. Langsung aja saya ambil.

Five Pages of Nonsense Delight

I keep a “journal” that holds all passing thoughts or ideas I encounter during my on-air sessions. I organize them by the hour marks. Last session (Sunday, 15 March), I got five pages full of them. I managed to keep them readable enough, although in between the readable writings, there were unreadables and weird drawings.

On Start-up’s failures

Why startups fail, according to their founders

Running out of cash does not cause a startup’s failure, Hogan says—it’s merely a symptom of another issue. Excluding instances…

WordPress Theme Dabbling. Again.

I am still trying to put things together at Owl’s. At the moment, I am customizing a nice theme Fukasawa…

Let’s March Away!

New month. It happens. “What’s the big deal,” you say? Apparently, yours truly wishes to do more publishing in this…

Saya tidak begitu paham KUHAP, tapi katanya...
Seorang narasumber dalam acara bincang pagi salah satu stasiun TV

Thoughts on “Midnight Ballad for the Ghost Theatre” (2006, Korean)

Seo So-dan’s search for her grandmother takes her to a movie theatre. Waiting for the grandmother to show up, she works at the theatre, befriends the staff, and learns the theatre’s secret.

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