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Live-Blogging with LiveblogLive!

This is an attempt to share how far I’ve got to understand the Liveblog plugin for WordPress.

Updating the site’s look and its problems, so far…

‘Once you’ve started, you cannot stop, especially if you are your own client.’ Truer words have never been spoken on…

Preparing My Own 'A Post A Day' Challenge: Issues, Strategies, and Action Plan

When AMOS hit the 100th post, I actually planned a “celebration” by writing one post a day for 100 days. A lofty goal, I know. But, still. Why not challenge myself? I’ve got nothing to lose, except time.

Why Radio Still Matters

Internet Radio Is Fixing to Make a Comeback

[Mark Mulligan, co-founder of music industry-focused MIDiA Research] points out that one reason f...


Web Fundamentals on Google Developers’s site

Web Fundamentals: Best practices for great multi-device web experiences

When study participants saw an option for “full site” vs “mobile site”, they assumed the mobile site was condensed and…

Radio, is there anyone who still loves you?

Daniel Ek: Spotify and free music will save the industry, not kill it

It’s a losing battle, then!

“It’s been lost long time ago…”

Media and Elections

I am not into politics that much, national or international, but I find elections everywhere interesting, especially regarding the use of media in “persuading” voters —image projection or management, manifesto communication, jargon, discourses in the media— to pick a choice over another. So I have been reading articles related to the upcoming election in Great Britain.

WordPress Theme Dabbling. Again.

I am still trying to put things together at Owl’s. At the moment, I am customizing a nice theme Fukasawa…

Let’s March Away!

New month. It happens. “What’s the big deal,” you say? Apparently, yours truly wishes to do more publishing in this…

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