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Vincent de Lavénère at Printemps Français 2015, Bandung

A 90 minute journey, juggling through lights, sounds, dances, and music with Vincent de Lavénère.

A very brief walk through “Kulturasun” (Festival of Nations 2015)

I actually had been of two minds about it. The event started at noon. Since I would have to go at three pm, there would only be two and a half hour window to roam about. With promise of food and performances, the time only allowed for little to savour.

Sang Musafir: Novel Perjalanan Spiritual Ibn Al ‘Arabi (Mizan, 2015)

Ini adalah buku pertama yang saya beli di tahun 2015. Saat menghabiskan waktu di Togamas Bandung, saya mengamati beragam buku baru yang ada di bagian best sellers. Di antara buku-buku tentang travelling atau jalan-jalan ke luar negeri tampaklah buku ini yang menyematkan kutipan pengantar oleh Dr. Haidar Bagir, … melancong ke dalam batin terdalam manusia, batin Sang Musafir, batin kita semua. Langsung aja saya ambil.

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